You don’t need any workout accessories to start your fitness journey, you can do the best home training without any Workout Accessories. Here are some No-Gym Equipment Workouts to help you get started:

Jogging: This is a simple but most effective exercise if done regularly. 

Bridge Raises: It helps with back pain and posture. Also Strengthens your Abs, Thighs & Pelvis. 

Squats: It Strengthens your core and Legs. Other variations are Jump Squats & Wide Stance Squats if you want a challenge. 

Lunges: You can do Standing Lunges, Lateral Lunges, or Walking Lunges right at your home. 

Push-Ups: You can do these any time throughout your day.

Pull-Ups: You can use any high-hanging place at your home or surroundings for this. 

Burpees: It’s a combination of Squatting, Jumping, and push-up, in this same order.

Planks: This can be done anywhere, anytime. It strengthens your core. 

Scissor Kicks: They are great for your inner thighs and lower abs. Lie flat down on a mat, raise both your heels about 4-6 inches off the floor, keeping your legs together. Keep your legs straight and rhythmically move your feet in a criss-cross motion. Cross one foot over the other then switches feet on the next movement.

Heel Raises: It strengthens your claves. It can be done Either on the floor or the stairs; can be done in a plie squat position if you want an added challenge.