Stretching offers legit mental and physical health benefits, it increases the flexibility of your body which takes your fitness and metabolism to another level.

Maximizes your Range of Motion

Stretching on a daily routine helps to maximize the range of motion of your body, decreasing muscle stiffness. This prevents the connective tissues and joints from degenerating.

Improves Posture of the Body

Stretching helps to maintain the alignment of the back. By stressing the muscles of the lower back, chest, and shoulders aids in reducing musculoskeletal pain, which improves the posture of your body.

Improves Flexibility of the body

Stretching is of great assistance when it comes to achieving flexibility of the body, which consequently enhances the range of motion of your joints. Stretching lengthens your muscles making them loose, which helps to prevent body aches.

Calms your Body

Your body requires time to cool down after an intense workout before going to rest. Stretching helps to cool down your body, lowers your heartbeat, amplifies the oxygen level of the body, and provides assistance in the recovery process.

Heals and Prevents Back Pains

Stretching regularly can prevent future back pains, by aligning your back muscles and diminishing the risk of muscle strains. Tight muscles are the main cause of body aches therefore stretching helps to loosen up your muscles which strengthens them resulting in a lower amount of body aches.

Having a well-rounded workout routine is important and incorporating your workouts with different stretching exercises can earn you extra output and a relaxed workout experience. You can try some of the stretches listed below to enjoy ideal results.

-Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch
-Side bench stretch
-Quad stretch
-Seated Side Stretch
-Bicep & Tricep Stretch